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 - Executive Board -
President, Committee Liaison - ASC:  Geoff Carter
Vice President, Committee Liaison - Grounds:  Steve Matlock
Secretary/Treasurer, Committee Liaison - Activities:  Margie Little
Property Manager: Community Asset Management (717) 505-4458,
Click here to review our Board Member's responsibilities.
- Community Items of Interest -

Music Gettysburg Concerts
Music Gettysburg's has a series of in-person free concerts at the Seminary Chapel.  Check the Music Gettysburg website ( for more information.
"No Solicitation" Policy
Just a reminder that there is to be "No Solicitation" in our community.  If someone comes to your door, please inform them of that policy (which is posted at both entrances) and ask them to leave the neighborhood.
Pet Reminder
Our community is a great place to walk for our neighbors and their dogs. This is just a friendly reminder to our dog owners that your neighbors appreciate you cleaning up after your pets.
~ Upcoming Events ~
Book Club
Wednesday, August 28th, 7:00 at 27 Bobolink Drive
We are reading Mastering the Art of French Murder by Colleen Cambridge OR choose a biography of Julia Child (your choice) and read and share it during the discussion of the fictional book.  See book club page for details.  
End of Summer Party
Saturday, September 14th, 5:00 pm at Open Space near our Pond
Join your neighbors in celebrating the end of summer with a community cook out.  Click here for all the details. 

~ Homeowner Reminders ~
Architectural Changes:  Written approval from the Architectural Standards Committee (ASC) is required prior to making any exterior alterations to your property, except for maintenance and repairs to match existing conditions.  Click here for additional information on the ASC link.
Home Resales:  All requests for resale certificates should now be forwarded to Community Asset Management (CAM).  Click here to review your responsibilities if selling your home. 
Member Profile:  Click here to register or to update your profile information.
Website Help:  Click here if you need help with our website.

~ HOA News ~
Board Meeting Minutes:  The minutes of the June 4, 2024 Executive Board meeting are now available for your review on the HOA Reports page of our website.
2024 Budget:  The operating budget for 2024 is available for your review on the HOA Reports page of our website.
Solar Panels:  The Board is happy to announce that guidelines for the installation of solar panels can now be found on the Architectural Standards Committee (ASC) page of our website.  An ASC change request must be submitted as well as a signed Preserves at Cumberland Village Solar Panel Agreement (also located at the link on the ASC page).  For questions, contact Casi Lombardi or Bobbie Lidard.
Community Asset Management (CAM) Profile:  Homeowners who have yet to complete the CAM profile page are asked to please do so.  This is necessary to be sure that you get necessary emails and updates.  If you need a copy - contact CAM. Phone number and email are posted on the website.

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